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New Project from Christian Community Pillar

James Dobson is out with a TV series about family and he puts it on a family-friendly streaming service.

James Dobson, host of "Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk" radio program. Image from Dobson's Instagram page.

Once called America's "most influential evangelical leader," James Dobson has long been a strong voice in the community of believers, particularly on issues related to children and families. At 82 years old, he still does a radio show - Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk - and now he's just launched a new eight-part TV program called Building a Family Legacy.

Dobson, who holds a doctorate in psychology, is still perhaps best known for his work at Focus on the Family, the organization he founded and ran for a quarter of a century. This latest endeavor contains both new material and footage from his four decades of work on issues connected to family life, and it will be available on the VidAngel streaming platform.

That company is known to many for its service that filters objectionable content from TV programs and movies, but it's ramping up its original content. Just today, in fact, it launched a dramatic series about the life of Christ, The Chosen, which we reported on here.

As for Dr. Dobson's new program, in an interview with The Christian Post, Ryan Dobson - his son - says it shares their family's journey of faith, including how his father and grandfather came to the Lord. But he adds that it's not just about nostalgia.

"My dad's work is something that remains relevant and continues to impact millions today, including myself as a dad. It's made me think about intentional parenting to my own two children."

If you're interested in checking out Dr. Dobson's show, you'll need to do so via VidAngel. You can get to them through this link.


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