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Natasha Bure Calls on Others to Let Jesus Change Their Lives

The Christian actress takes to social media to share a word of encouragement with more than half a million followers.

Actress Natasha Bure poses for a social media picture.
Actress Natasha Bure appears in a social media picture. Image: Natasha Bure/Instagram.

Natasha Bure is one of the real up-and-comers among young Christian actors, having chalked up six credits in the last four years, including the lead role in the 2020 faith-based film Home Sweet Home. More impressive still, she is using her growing notoriety to boldly share her faith.

The 24-year-old California native recently posted a missive on her popular Instagram page - she has 590,000 followers - revealing what she called "imposter syndrome" in which she will at times watch a television show or movie and then unknowingly start dressing and even talking like the characters. But after sharing that vulnerability, she turned her message to identity in Christ, asking Believers why "wouldn’t we want to fill our minds with as much of Jesus as possible if we so desperately want to be more like Him?"

"I think we (me) can often times get comfortable with just praying before a meal or praising Him when something goes our way."

Bure, the daughter of prominent Christian actress Candace Cameron Bure, then spoke of being faithful to reading the Bible and being led by the Holy Spirit, adding that while it can be a challenge for her to be disciplined enough to do so regularly, it makes all the difference when she does.

"I'm the first to admit that it's not always easy to consistently be in The Word and to lay everything down before God, but I can confidently say that my behavior, heart, and desires look radically different when I am/do…in the BEST possible way."

She closed out her social media post by calling on her followers to "Allow Jesus to be what fills your soul 24/7," because it will change life for the better.

Profound thoughts and great advice from a young sister in Christ, one whom we lift up in prayer: Heavenly Father, please bless Natasha Bure with your favor, and may she continue to use everything you give her to your glory and to help advance your Kingdom, in the name of Jesus, Amen!


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