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Natasha Bure Charts Her Own Course as an Actress

Despite following in the footsteps of her famous mother, Candace Cameron Bure, she says she "works hard" and nothing is "handed" to her.

Natasha Bure poses for a picture on her social media account.
Natasha Bure poses for a picture on her social media account. Image: Natasha Bure/Instagram.

At 23 years old, Natasha Bure has already racked up nearly a dozen on-screen credits, including in faith-based films like Home Sweet Home and The Farmer and the Belle: Saving Santaland. The daughter of Candace Cameron Bure, she has also landed parts in some of her mother's made-for-TV movies, like a recent episode of Hallmark's Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, in which she played a teenaged version of Candace's lead character.

That does not mean, however, that Bure is riding on mom's coattails, as she makes clear in a recent interview with NBC's Today show, calling it a "misconception that's a little bit frustrating to see." A Christian like her mother, the young actress says many people take for granted "that if I get a job or work at all that it's from her," before underlining that is simply not the case.

"I work hard for everything that I do, and I'm out here like everyone else just grinding and trying to follow my dreams and make them come true."

That is not to say that she does not seek out advice from her mother about the acting business, which Bure calls "a struggle" and "difficult, for sure." Some of the most memorable guidance Candace Cameron Bure gave Natasha has to do with pushing boundaries, both in their common field and more generally in life.

"One of the biggest pieces of advice she's given me - and she gave it to me a while ago - it's to say 'Yes' to things that scare you and to really go after things that are out of your comfort zone, because those are the types of experiences that are really going to push you in your life."

In the Today interview, Natasha Bure also addresses what it's like growing up in a famous family - her father was an NHL hockey player for a decade - why she enjoys social media - she has nearly 600,000 followers on Instagram - and what kinds of parts she would like to play going forward. You can learn all the details via this link to the Today website.


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