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"Miracle on Christmas" Marks the Third Anniversary of its Release

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Our faith-based Yuletide movie focuses on family and the love of God as demonstrated through the birth of Jesus.

A digital movie poster for "Miracle on Christmas," featuring Kim Cruchon Brooks, Jason Burkey, Erin Bethea, and Brett Varvel (left to right).
A movie poster for "Miracle on Christmas," featuring Kim Cruchon Brooks, Jason Burkey, Erin Bethea, and Brett Varvel (left to right). Image: Horse is Ready Productions/Green Apple Entertainment.

Wow, tempus fugit: Miracle on Christmas released three years ago today! Written and directed by yours truly, we remember it like it was yesterday. While you - on the other hand - may not recall that is when the film came out, you certainly remember the day, because that was when Donald Trump and Joe Biden squared off in the 2020 presidential election.

Not a great time to release your movie, by the way, but that is a subject for another day since the anniversary of our inaugural film's release is nonetheless an extremely positive recollection. The picture stars Erin Bethea as a Christian woman struggling with her faith because of serious family issues until, that is, a surprise visitor arrives on Christmas Day and changes everything. She is joined on screen by Jason Burkey, Brett Varvel and Micah Lynn Hanson...all four of them Believers and strong actors.

We shot the movie in Brighton, Michigan in February and March of 2020 and God truly blessed us with His favor, with everything from the location, to the cast, crew, and weather lining up just right. Oh, and the entire state shut down for Covid a mere two days after we wrapped production: thank you, Lord!

Though the picture looks a like a Hallmark-style Christmas movie - lots of ornaments, lights, and Yuletide music - the subject matter is grittier, one, and the narrative unapologetically focuses on the "reason for the season," two. In fact, that was the point of our making this movie in the first place and we are pleased to report that it has truly resonated with our viewers, as we have seen in the numerous comments, notes and reviews online and in social media.

We feel certain that you and your family will find Miracle on Christmas both uplifting and hope-inspiring and suggest you gather with your loved ones and watch it together. You can do so for free on Amazon Prime Video and several other streaming services: Tubi TV, Crackle, and Pluto TV. In the meantime, the trailer below will give you a better feel for what to expect.


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