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Introducing Micah Lynn Hanson, Principal Player in "Miracle on Christmas"

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

This up-and-coming Christian actress is a natural talent and brings great range to her role as sister and best friend of the movie's heroine.

Micah Lynn Hanson (seated) and Erin Bethea in a scene from "Miracle on Christmas." Image: Horse is Ready Productions.

***This is the fourth in a series of articles profiling cast members in Miracle on Christmas, a Christian film written and directed by yours truly. All previous articles can be found under this heading on the website.***

Micah Lynn Hanson confesses to being shy in her youth, growing up in Idaho. So much so that, though she was intrigued whenever she saw movies involving child actors, she never considered pursuing acting herself. That changed, however, at age 16 when one of her siblings brought home a newspaper with a casting call in it for a local musical production.

Much to the surprise of her family, Micah announced she wanted to audition for a role. We certainly are thankful she did, because she landed it and that set her on the path to eventually becoming a professional actress, something she believes God has called her to do.

In 2013, she moved to Nashville in an effort to advance her career, thinking the Bible Belt might be a good place to find redeeming projects. That, indeed, proved to be the case, because a few years later she won a lead role in a 2018 faith-based movie called Like Arrows, which was executive produced by Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick, the top filmmakers in the Christian genre. She would work with the Kendrick Brothers again, too, playing a small part in their 2019 feature, Overcomer.

In our movie, Miracle on Christmas, Micah plays a prominent supporting role as Martha, sister and best friend of lead character Mary Boyce, who is portrayed by Erin Bethea. Martha is kind and vivacious, but also something of a pit bull, refusing to let go when she senses her sister is keeping a secret and suffering in silence.

Micah had never met Erin before production began, but says they quickly established an authentic "sister vibe," which she ought to know a thing or two about, having grown up as one of six children. She also praised the rest of the cast, stating that she "fell in love" with them and citing how much fun they had on set as part of the reason behind the strong collaborative relationships they established during shooting.

As for the picture itself, which focuses on trusting in God while enduring personal struggles, Micah tells us she was drawn to it because it is something that moviegoers can watch with the whole family, calling it "sweet." We certainly aim for Miracle on Christmas to be uplifting entertainment that will inspire hope, and we believe Micah's performance will help us achieve that when the film is released later this year for the Christmas season.

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Earl R Varner
Earl R Varner
Apr 10, 2020

Thomas this is so exciting I can't wait to see Miracle on Christmas once it's released. Praying for you and your family.

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