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Michael Jr. Feels Called to "Inspire People to Walk in Purpose"

The comedian and actor is out with a new book about his life journey and Christian Faith.

Michael Jr. (right) during an interview about his book. Image: "Dr. Ward Bond's Life Changing Wellness"/YouTube.

One of the leading lights of Christian stand-up and also a star of the faith-based films Selfie Dad and War Room, Michael Jr. has a gift for getting laughs. He used to think he was simply funny, but now, as a mature Believer, says he understands that "God has a purpose for me having this sense of humor."

The cover of Michael Jr.'s new book. Image: Breakfast for Seven publishing.

That's just one of the insights the Michigan native shares in his new book, Funny How Life Works. He talks a great deal about the importance of having a Christ-like mentality for serving others, saying in an interview on Dr. Ward Bond's Life Changing Wellness podcast that "It starts first with receiving Him and then asking the question: 'What can I give?'"

A father of five, Michael Jr. certainly knows a thing or two about giving, but it goes well beyond sacrificing to provide for his family. He also runs a charity called Funny for the Forgotten that puts on comedy shows in homeless shelters, prisons and facilities for abused children, places, according to the organization, "where laughter is in short supply but is highly needed."

In his podcast interview, Michael Jr. says he views comedy as a vehicle, "not the destination." He feels shared laughter can establish a bond of trust, which is something he tries to treat with care because of the importance of the Christian message he ultimately hopes to communicate to audiences.

"When people laugh, they'll retain more information. The information I want people to retain is how God made them and the fact that you have a purpose."

Adding that he is "called to inspire people to walk in purpose," he makes an analogy between stand-up and what the Christian Faith should look like in practice.

"The way comedy works is there's a setup and there's a life, your setup is about what you've received, and the punchline is what you're called to deliver."

If you are interested in purchasing Michael Jr.'s book, it costs $24.95 in hardback and you can get it via his website. That podcast interview, which runs an hour and 20 minutes, is available below from YouTube.


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