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"Max Lucado's Because of Bethlehem" Releases in Theaters This Week

The Yuletide production features Christian recording artists like Matthew West and CeCe Winans and focuses on the Savior.

Max Lucado appears in a scene from the trailer for "Max Lucado's Because of Bethlehem."
Max Lucado appears in a scene from the trailer for "Max Lucado's Because of Bethlehem." Image: Fathom Events/screenshot from YouTube.

A San Antonio-based pastor, Max Lucado is also a best-selling author, and it is one of his books that serves as the basis for this Christmas production. Max Lucado's Because of Bethlehem will draw heavily from his 2020 literary work by the same name, with the author on stage sharing passages with a theater audience and interspersing performances by top acts from the world of Christian music.

The 68-year-old Texas native, who also has a show on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and is among the most well-known pastors in America, states in the trailer that this production "celebrates the Savior born to us in Bethlehem," adding, however, that it is not "just the story of a baby's arrival: this is an earth-shattering revelation."

"Jesus promised: 'I will come again.' Not to deal with sin, but to save those who are eagerly waiting for Him."

The roster of those aforementioned singers is an impressive one, and it includes Matthew West, CeCe Winans, Anne Wilson, Matt Maher, and Evan Craft. Max Lucado's Because of Bethlehem is releasing in theaters as a three-day special engagement starting tomorrow, December 5th and running through Thursday, December 7th. You can purchase tickets to a venue in your area via this link to the website of distributor Fathom Events.


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