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Mark Burnett, Roma Downey & MGM

The Christian Hollywood power couple and the studio start an effort to launch a new faith-based streaming platform.

The corporate logo for Metro Goldwyn Mayer movie studios. Image: MGM.

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, among the most prominent Christian husband and wife duos in Tinseltown, are reportedly looking to raise $100 million for this new venture. If they pull it off, it will be done through LightWorkers, the company they founded and which is already a division of MGM.

Though that is no small amount of money, Downey and Burnett are heavy hitters in the faith-based sector, having produced the 2014 hit movie Son of God, which brought in nearly $71 million in worldwide ticket revenue, The Bible TV miniseries and all the secular shows on Burnett's resume, like Survivor, The Voice and Shark Tank.

Should they manage to raise the funds, the new venture will then face some stiff competition in an already crowded field of Christian and family-friendly streaming services. Pure Flix and 24 Flix are among the leading players that have a significant head start on them. Christian Film Blog will keep you up to date on developments.


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