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Lee Strobel's "The Case for Heaven" Debuts in Theaters

The atheist-turned-Christian-apologist tackles the issue in part by exploring near-death experiences.

A screenshot of Lee Stroble from the documentary "The Case for Heaven."
A screenshot of Lee Strobel from the documentary "The Case for Heaven." Image: K-LOVE Films/Sandoval Studios.

Award-winning author Lee Strobel's new documentary The Case for Heaven hits theaters nationwide today and endeavors to answer that age-old question: what happens to us after we die? The founder and director of a center for apologetics and evangelism at Colorado Christian University talks to Believers and skeptics in an effort to make the argument for the afterlife as described in the Bible.

Strobel, who is a former Chicago Tribune journalist and the author behind the bestselling book, The Case for Christ, asks in this documentary why we should trust what the Savior tells us about heaven and hell. And he interviews Christian luminaries like pastor Francis Chan and the late evangelist Luis Palau, among others, to get at the answers.

He also looks into whether near-death experiences can shed any light on what awaits us in the afterlife, featuring stories of people who have come back to life after clinical death. Having done extensive research on the matter, Strobel tells The Christian Post he's become "quite convinced" about the authenticity of said experiences, adding that he considers them to be "consistent with Christian theology."

The Illinois native hopes the documentary, which is based on a book he wrote by the same name, will give Believers a "stronger hope and assurance that their eternity is going to be with God forever." As for non-Christians, Strobel wants their eyes to be opened to Christ.

"I hope that non-believers will come to the movie and realize that this life is not all there is, and that they will turn to Jesus for forgiveness and His free gift of grace and eternal life."

The Case for Heaven is a three-day special engagement put on by Fathom Events, a joint venture between the three largest American movie theater chains: AMC, Cinemark and Regal Cinemas. It runs today, tomorrow and Wednesday and you can find a theater showing it in your area via this link to Fathom Events' website. The trailer below will give you a better sense of what to expect.


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