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"Jesus Revolution" Wins Top Honors from the Gospel Music Association

The award follows a particularly successful theatrical run by the faith-based picture earlier this year.

Jonathan Roumie appears in a scene from the Erwin Brothers' film "Jesus Revolution."
Jonathan Roumie appears in a scene from the Erwin Brothers' film "Jesus Revolution." Image: Kingdom Story Company/Lionsgate/from Instagram.

Jesus Revolution took home the statuette for Feature Film of the Year at the 54th annual Dove Awards. The event, put on in Nashville by the Gospel Music Association, focuses primarily on the Christian music industry, but has long awarded the top movie from the faith-based genre as well.

This picture, from the brother duo of Andrew and Jon Ewrin, turned in impressive numbers at the box office this past spring, earning $52 million during its 63-day domestic run on the big screen, according to Box Office Mojo. It beat out other prominent Christian pictures like Big George Foreman, Family Camp, and the Christmas production I Heard the Bells to bring home this year's Dove Award.

Based on a book by the same name from California pastor Greg Laurie, Jesus Revolution recounts his coming to faith as a teenager during the so-called Jesus Movement in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The film features a strong cast of Christian actors, including Joel Courtney as Laurie, Kelsey Grammer in the role of Pastor Chuck Smith, and Jonathan Roumie as street preacher Lonnie Frisbee.

That latter actor is, of course, the star of The Chosen - the series about the life of Christ - and it must have been quite a night for him, because the show picked up the second of GMA's two non-music honors: the Dove Award for Television Series of the Year. If you would like to peruse the list of all this year's winners, you can do so via this link to the award show's website.


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