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"Jesus Revolution" is a Bestseller in Home Entertainment

The hit film from the Erwin Brothers continues to bring in ticket revenue at the box office as well.

Kelsey Grammer portrays Pastor Chuck Smith in a scene from "Jesus Revolution."
Kelsey Grammer portrays Pastor Chuck Smith in a scene from "Jesus Revolution." Image: Kingdom Story Company/Lionsgate.

From success in movie theaters to success in home entertainment sales, Jesus Revolution keeps up the momentum. In less than a week, it has already shot to the top in sales at Amazon.

The faith-based picture from the Christian brother team of Andrew and Jon Erwin is number one in the online retailer's Drama DVDs category, and number two under the broader Movies and TV heading. Interestingly, that comes despite the fact that it is only available at present in the digital formal; the actual DVD and Blu-ray versions are pre-order only and will not be out until April 25th.

Making the performance even more impressive, Jesus Revolution is still playing in theaters, where it claimed 22nd place in revenue over the weekend, according to Box Office Mojo. It brought in $108,000, which pushes the movie's total haul to just under $52 million after 52 days in release.

One final bit of news for our international readers: the film, which stars Jonathan Roumie, Kelsey Grammer and Joel Courtney and tells the true story of America's last great Christian revival, rolls out this week in theaters in Australia and New Zealand, releasing it in both countries on Thursday, April 20th, and it will hit the big screen in the United Kingdom on June 9th.


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