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Introducing Brayden Eaton, a Player in "Miracle on Christmas"

The 13-year-old is well on his way to realizing his dream of becoming a professional actor.

Brayden Eaton gets ready for a scene in "Miracle on Christmas." Image: Horse is Ready Productions.

Brayden Eaton has wanted to be an actor since he was five years old, but until just a few years ago had to content himself with roles in school plays: his parents didn't want him to go too far too fast. When the Michigander turned ten, however, they allowed him to sign with a Los Angeles-based manager and start auditioning for professional roles, which led to a few shorts and then a part in his first feature film, a science fiction flick called Traveler...he also recently landed a role in a western called Of Myth & Legend that starts production next year.

In a further effort to advance his acting aspirations, Brayden switched to on-line school, which gives him flexibility for auditions and productions that take place during the academic year. He admits that he misses seeing his old school mates every day, but also likes the fact that the virtual learning allows him to go at his own pace (he also gets to take electives with other children one day per week through a home-school cooperative, so he still has some interaction with peers).

As to the acting, which Brayden calls a "magical experience," he first felt drawn to it because it gave him the ability to "be anything, do any job," which fits well with his personality since he is a boy with a self-described "big imagination." He is also quite polished for a youngster, as you will see in Miracle on Christmas, the faith-based film written and directed by yours truly. In the picture, Brayden plays Josh, nephew of protagonist Mary Boyce, who is portrayed by Christian actress Erin Bethea. That turned out to be quite a thrill for Brayden, because he's a big fan of faith-based movies and loves Fireproof, the Kendrick Brothers' 2008 hit that Erin starred in...he says he had always wanted to meet her.

Being a Christian, Brayden was eager for his role in Miracle on Christmas and since he really enjoys the Hallmark Christmas movies, this production was perfect, because it has the look and feel of those pictures, with a healthy dose of love, forgiveness and redemption in a family setting. Speaking of which, he truly hit it off with his on-screen parents, played by Justin Mane and Christian actress Micah Lynn Hanson. Brayden bonded with her in particular, and she graciously gave him a gift during production to mark his 13th birthday.

He also "had a blast of a time" working with and getting to know the other child actors in our production - Lily Bowen and Ethan Mathias. The three of them spent a lot of time together doing their school lessons when they weren't on set and Brayden feels they established real friendships.

When it comes to the movie, in addition to hoping people who watch it are entertained, Brayden, who is clearly a mature Believer for his age, says he wants them to "find Christ," if they don't know Him already. We, too, hope Miracle on Christmas will entertain, edify the Body and be salt and light when it comes out during this year's Yuletide season.


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