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For King & Country's Joel Smallbone Lands a Role in a Nativity Story Musical

He joins a cast that includes fellow Christian musician Lecrae and Hollywood headliner Antonio Banderas.

Joel Smallbone (right) appears in concert with his brother Luke.
Joel Smallbone (right) appears in concert with his brother Luke. Image: For King & Country.

The faith-based studio Affirm Films has put together a powerhouse team for this as yet unnamed feature film that is scheduled to release theatrically for the Yuletide season. The division of Sony pictures, known for movies like Fireproof and War Room from the Kendrick Brothers, as well as Miracles from Heaven and Soul Surfer, brought in big names both behind the camera and in front of it.

The story was co-written by Award winning music producer Adam Anders - he has sold north of 100 million records - who is also making his directorial debut with the film. The producer of hit musicals Glee and High School Musical teamed up with former colleagues from those productions for the script and the songs in this one, which should bring an interesting approach to the birth of Christ.

Joel Smallbone, a huge Christian music star as one half of the duo For King & Country - his brother Luke being the other half - will play the part of Antipater, son of King Herod, who will be portrayed by Antonio Banderas. Smallbone's wife, singer and actress Moriah, also landed a part in the production, as did Christian rapper Lacrae, who will play the angel Gabriel.

Alan Powell, producer of the faith-based musical A Week Away - a big hit on Netflix when it released in 2021 - is attached to this film in the same capacity. He has come away quite impressed by what he has seen from writer/director Anders.

"We've been amazed at Adam's ability to tell the widely known story of Mary, Joseph and a jealous king in a way that feels fresh and contemporary, like you've never heard it before."

Fiona Palomo and Milo Manheim are to play the parts of Jesus' parents in the production, which is still shooting in Spain. Though it has no name yet, the movie does have a release date: November 10th.

That seems a bit early to us for a Christmas picture, but no one in the faith-based genre has more hits than Affirm Films, so they clearly know something we do put it mildly. At any rate, Christian Flim Blog will follow developments and bring them to you - including the title of the movie - as we get them.


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