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Two Film Projects in the Works from the Band For King & Country

The brother duo of Luke and Joel Smallbone are putting together a documentary and a feature film.

Luke and Joel Smallbone in a promotional photograph from a live concert. Image: For King & Country/Instagram.

The Australian-born, Nashville-based brothers Joel Smallbone and Luke Smallbone are among the top acts in contemporary Christian music, having won multiple Grammy Awards and Gospel Music Association Dove Awards as For King & Country. They've also done faith-based movies, with Luke starring in Priceless, which released in 2016 and was directed by a third brother, Ben Smallbone.

And Ben will direct the coming documentary, Return to Sydney: The For King & Country Journey. The feature-length production will, according to The Hollywood Reporter, "chronicle the Australian brothers and their sister, singer-songwriter Rebecca St. James, returning home after conquering the music world and earning a dozen honors."

It will follow their two sold out shows at the iconic Sydney Opera House and share never-before-seen footage. In a statement, the brothers - who are devout Believers - promise an intimate look at their private and professional lives.

"We’re inviting you to join our family’s radical journey. With thousands of hours of home camera footage, captivating interviews from key partners and friends and a defining show at Sydney’s Opera House, we’re pulling back the curtain on our lives like never before."

The second project is a feature film entitled Unsung Hero, a comedic drama based on the nine-member Smallbone family's emigration from Australia to America in the 1990s when Joel and Luke were still boys. Both projects are being done with Monarch Media, the outfit behind the faith-based musical A Week Away, which was a big hit on Netflix earlier this year. There is no word yet on when either of these two projects will release, but Christian Film Blog will keep you posted.


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