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Earthly Authority Confronts the Divine in Episode 7 of "The Chosen"

The powers that be close in on Jesus in the next installment of this popular streaming series.

A digital poster for Episode 7 of season two of "The Chosen."
Brandon Potter as the Roman official Quintus in a digital poster for the next installment of season two. Image: "The Chosen"/Instagram.

Episode 7 of the second season of The Chosen releases tomorrow (June 30th), one week after the previous episode debuted. But in this new one, entitled Reckoning, not only are the Pharisees still after Jesus, their Roman masters come for him as well.

Christian Film Blog was able to screen the episode early and will avoid giving anything away that can't already be gleaned from watching the show's sneak peek trailer below. Among storyline developments, the Roman official Quintus, played by actor Brandon Potter, dispatches soldiers to bring Jesus in for questioning; Potter will also take part in a livestream discussion following the showing of the episode.

That is to be hosted by program creator/director Dallas Jenkins, who is building season two to a crescendo in the Episode 8 finale, which should be released soon and will feature Jesus' famous Sermon on The Mount. In fact, Jesus - played by Jonathan Roumie - is laying the groundwork for it in this episode, telling his disciples that "Everyone has a part to play" in the big event.

Episode 7 premieres at 9:00 PM EDT (GMT -7) on Wednesday and you can watch it free on the program's app - Android / Apple - its YouTube Channel, and its website. The aforementioned trailer is featured at the end of the Episode 6 livestream below, hitting at 1:01:47 into it.


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