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Country Star Sounds Warning

"Rascal Flatts" musician is troubled by the direction of the nation.

Rascal Flatts: Joe Don Rooney, Gary LeVox and Jay DeMarcus (left to right). Image from the band's website.

Okay, we'll acknowledge right up front that this one is a bit beyond our normal brief. While we do cover music from time to time, it needs to have a movie or TV angle, which this story does not. We were so impressed, though, with what Rascal Flatts' founding member Jay DeMarcus had to say that we decided to make an exception.

Jay DeMarcus at NBC's "Today" for an inteview. Image from his Instagram page.

The country band's bass player is out with a new book - Shotgun Angels - and is doing the publicity routine right now. He stopped by Fox News in New York City this week and shared his thoughts on where we are as a nation, saying, America has "really gotten away from the Christian principles that the country was founded upon." Wow, the man speaks the truth, and he wasn't done there. DeMarcus added that though he is not "preachy" and doesn't even consider himself "religious," he is, indeed, a Christian and that that is the ultimate answer, both at a personal level and for the country at large.

"We need somebody that I believe is greater than us that sent His Son to die for us and, at the end of the day, that has been a strong source of strength and hope for me in my own life. And I believe it can be for other people."

We recommend you check out the rest of DeMarcus' interview with Fox News via this link. If you're interested in his book, Shotgun Angels is available from Christian publisher Zondervan right here.


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