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"Camp Hideout" Hits Theaters Next Week

This faith-based picture puts a comedy spin on the oft-visited children's camp backdrop.

Cast and crew of "Camp Hideout" film a scene during production in Nashville, TN.
Cast and crew of "Camp Hideout" film a scene during production in Nashville, TN. Image: Called Higher Studios/from Facebook.

Summer camp movies are common enough - there is one called Theater Camp out right now, in fact - and that includes in the Christian genre. The 2021 faith-based musical A Week Away roared into the Top-10 on Netflix when it premiered on that streaming platform, as we wrote at the time.

The digital poster for "Camp Hideout."
The digital poster for "Camp Hideout." Image: Roadside Attractions.

Camp Hideout is, however, taking a different tack, eschewing the song-and-dance numbers and opting instead for slapstick gags a la Home Alone. As with that massive Christmas hit from 1990, this film features a troublesome child outsmarting big-city, ne'er-do-well adults who repeatedly suffer the ill-effects of his booby traps.

The film stars Christopher Lloyd, of Back to the Future fame, as the curmudgeonly owner of the campground, which is playing host to a church youth group. Ethan Drew plays the aforementioned boy with the booby traps and he has drawn the ire of the bad guys by swiping a secret videogame of theirs; he is at the camp in the first place because he chose going there over going to juvenile hall for various misdeeds.

Amanda Leighton and Corbin Bleu, an alumnus of High School Musical, portray camp counselors, the latter of whom induces Drew's character to come out of his shell and make friends with the other children. They, in turn, help him thwart the villains once they show up on the scene.

Camp Hideout, which is rated PG, is set to release nationwide in theaters on September 15th. In the meantime, the trailer below will give you a better idea of what to expect.


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