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"Camp Hideout" Debuts in Theaters This Weekend

The fish-out-of-water comedy joins two other faith-based films already playing on the silver screen.

Ethan Drew films a scene during production of "Camp Hideout."
Ethan Drew films a scene during production of "Camp Hideout." Image: Called Higher Studios/from Instagram.

It is relatively rare to have more than one movie from the Christian genre in release at the same time, so to have a triumvirate is like witnessing the appearance of a unicorn. The cinematic version of that mythical creature arrives tonight, as Camp Hideout joins sports biopic The Hill and the hugely successful thriller Sound of Freedom at multiplexes across America.

This new picture focuses on a troubled teen who chooses to attend a church camp as an alternative to juvenile hall. Played by Ethan Drew, he is also fleeing villains he swiped a secret piece of tech gear from; he gradually bonds with his more strait-laced fellow campers, who in turn help thwart the ne'er-do-wells' efforts to get back what he lifted. Corbin Bleu (High School Musical) and Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) also play prominent on-screen roles.

Camp Hideout will lead the three faith-based films in terms of theater count, showing in 848 venues; the other two have already been in release for some time and are now dropping theaters each weekend. Be sure to check back with Christian Film Blog starting Sunday to see how they perform at the box office.


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