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Bart Millard to E.P. "I Still Believe"

The Christian rocker is putting his shoulder to the wheel on the next faith-based picture from the Erwin Brothers.

K.J. Apa and Britt Robertson in a promotional poster for "I Still Believe."

I Still Believe, a biopic about Christian singer/songwriter Jeremy Camp, will be the first effort from Kingdom Studios, the new outfit headed by brothers Andrew Erwin and Jon Erwin together with producing partner Kevin Downes and done in conjunction with Lionsgate. It is also the team's second consecutive picture focused on a contemporary Christian musician - the last one being the 2018 hit I Can Only Imagine, which was based on the life of MercyMe lead singer and frontman Bart Millard.

Bart Millard in concert. Image: MercyMe/Facebook.

It would seem Millard really enjoyed his experience working on that film because he is going to serve as executive producer on this project, which stars K.J. Apa as Camp and Britt Robertson as his late wife Melissa and draws its name from a song by the same title. Camp wrote the lyrics after her death from ovarian cancer in 2001 at the age of 21, just three months after they were married.

Kingdom Studios and Lionsgate made the announcement about Millard's duties yesterday, with Jon Erwin pointing out that the two movies obviously share the "power of song." The first movie - I Can Only Imagine - brought fans the backstory of the lyrics penned by Millard, and Erwin says he and his partners are now aiming to do the same in the case of this new film based on Camp's hit song.

"We're honored to bring the love story of Jeremy and Melissa Camp to the screen in I Still Believe. The track was Jeremy's first hit song, born out of an intensely personal and redemptive season, and K.J. Apa's performance really drives home the power of faith."

Millard and Camp actually share a personal history as well, having been on tour together two decades ago when both of the songs were first out. Millard makes clear that is part of the draw for him to this project.

"For all of this to come full circle twenty years later in this way is a testimony to the Lord's faithfulness. I'm honored to be a part of this film and I'm looking forward to the movie's themes of love and redemption impacting audiences."

And with such a compelling story, top-notch filmmakers and strong cast - including Christian actors Gary Sinise and Cameron Arnett and country music star Shania Twain - this one is sure to have an impact. I Still Believe is scheduled for nationwide release March 20th of next year.

And for those of you who love the music of MercyMe and Jeremy Camp, there's extra good news: Millard's band will launch a tour this winter - MercyMe/2020 - that will feature Camp as well as material from the movie. Tour dates and locations are still to come and Christian Film Blog will let you know when there's news.

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