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"Bad News" about the Streaming Release of "The Chosen"

Updated: Mar 11

It comes as the final two episodes of Season 4 of the hit show about Jesus' earthly ministry are still playing in movie theaters.

Actress Lara Silva appears in a scene from Season 4 of "The Chosen.".
Actress Lara Silva appears in a scene from Season 4 of the show. Image: "The Chosen"/from Instagram.

The creator and director of The Chosen, Dallas Jenkins, took to social media last night for what he called a "family chat." In a video message, he broke "bad news" to fans who have been waiting for the program to release on its app for free viewing: "We cannot release Season 4 to streaming now, and there will be a delay - a delay longer than we anticipated and hoped for."

The 48-year-old, who is a committed Christian, cited "some legal matters" as the source of the problem, without getting into the details of what those are. He did, however, add that the issues are being dealt with "right now, that are hopefully being resolved," which will clear the way for the show to remain free through its streaming platform so that viewers can watch Season 4 and the remaining three seasons without having to pay to do so.

"The goal is to have them resolved so that we can - long-term and short-term - better serve you, ensure that the show remains free and gets to a billion people."

Jenkins acknowledged that the delay is "frustrating" not only for viewers, but also for him and others connected to the show. Though he gave no guidance on a date for the end of the delay, he did mention that once it is resolved, the series will roll out two episodes each week on its streaming platform instead of one, as was the case with the previous season.

He also added that, in the meantime, the theatrical run of Season 4 will be extended, and that the first six episodes will be re-released in theaters at a discounted price. Christian Film Blog will follow developments and update you as warranted. And one last note, the third and final installment of Season 4 - episodes seven and eight - claimed 10th place at the box office this past weekend, according to The Numbers website, bringing in $744,000 and upping its total haul through ten days in release to $6.5 million.


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