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Andrea Logan & Gianna Simone out with New Cookbook

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

The Christian actresses have whipped up a host of vegan recipes to satisfy the herbivore in you.

The cover of the new cookbook "Plant Love" from Gianna Simone (left) and Andrea Logan. Image: Andrea Logan/Instagram.

In a departure from their normal on-screen work, Andrea Logan and Gianna Simone have joined forces for a culinary publishing endeavor. Their new e-cookbook is called Plant Love, playing on the fact that it's exclusively vegan and, as Logan put it in a social media post, the two women are driven to reach people "to plant love in others and to receive God's radical love for themselves."

The project took nine months to complete and Logan, who in addition to acting in faith-based movies like Moms' Night Out and Do You Believe was previously an executive at Pure Flix Entertainment, says it was "the greatest gift" to work with Simone, adding they share the same passions in "film, faith, fashion and food."

Simone, who has played parts in God's Not Dead 2, Run the Race and Unbroken: Path to Redemption, seconds the motion in a social media post of her own, calling it "a gift straight from God" to have been able to work on the cookbook with Logan. Saying they became family during the project, she mentioned that they "experienced so much healing together."

Both women have had severe trials in the past, with Simone suffering abuse as a child and living in the foster care system as a teenager, and Logan, who was once suicidal as she struggled early in her career, recently going through a divorce from Christian actor and fellow Pure Flix executive David A.R. White.

God has evidently used those difficult circumstances to help these two Christian sisters form a strong bond, not to mention put out a cookbook with what looks like an eclectic mix of tasty recipes ranging from tzatziki and citrus ginger dressing to sushi rolls, pizza, matcha latte and a non-dairy dessert called chocolate cherry chip nice cream...yes, that's nice with an "n." The book, which comes only in digital format, costs $37.00 and is available at Simone's website. If you're interested in purchasing it, you can do so via this link.


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