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And the winner is...

Gotcha! We don't yet know the winners of the Content 18 Film Festival and won't until it takes place in another three weeks. We do, however, now know who's in the running.

Festival organizers put out the list of nominees today and it is a lengthy one, with separate categories for feature films, TV/streaming, promos and other contest groupings broken down thematically by subject. With more than 50 nominated works, and a plethora of individual awards to boot, there are far too many to list here. You can see them all via this link.

But to whet your appetite...strength, discovery, murder, scheming and forgiveness will all be on display in the pictures nominated for best narrative feature film. Here are the contestants in that category:

-A Heart that Forgives

-A Murder of Innocence

-Mattie: The Discovery

-We are Stronger

-Wyatt's Fort: The Dreamy Schemey

Category nominees are vying for a total of $15 thousand in prize money and the winners will be chosen by Content 18 attendees. The film festival takes place from September 25-28 near Dallas-Fort Worth. If you haven't yet signed up, go to the Content 18 website to make it happen.


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