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A New Family-Friendly Platform Joins the Streaming Fray

It's called 24 Flix and it looks very much like a competitor for Pure Flix.

24 Flix is a newly launched streaming platform with family-friendly and faith-based content like "TCS Live," a Christian talk show.

24 Flix features a 4,000-item offering that's a mix of Christian programming, including movies, original content and talk shows like TCS Live with Christian actor TC Stallings (War Room), and family-friendly - ususally vintage - secular fare like Bonanza, The Adventures of Robin Hood and Warner Brothers cartoons.

Launched by Christian media impresario Marty Jean-Louis, founder of The International Christian Film & Music Festival, the world's largest such Christian event, this new service is targeting what he believes is an unfilled niche in the market.

"According to a survey, 80% of Americans want to see more family-friendly movies and shows on television, theater and streaming platforms.  Our goal and mission is to fill that void while at the same time making it affordable."

To the latter point, 24 Flix is charging just $3.99 per month for its service, which, for comparison, is dramatically cheaper than the $13 streaming giant Netflix now charges. But that idea of filling a void strikes Christian Film Blog as trickier.

Pure Flix is a strong and already established player with its streaming platform, which targets a similar audience with a nearly identical content approach: Christian and family-friendly secular programming. And there are others out there as well.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Jean-Louis counters that 24 Flix puts "a big emphasis on education," with shows that cover things as diverse as business and how to apply makeup, and thus will help viewers "grow both personally and professionally." There will also be coverage of live events like red carpet presentations, press conferences and perhaps eventually even sports.

24 Flix is offering a free seven-day trial for new customers. If you'd like to give the service a whirl, you can do so via this link.


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