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A Movie about Jacob is in the Works from the Filmmaker behind "His Only Son"

Writer/director David Helling plans to crowdfund the production about the patriarch of the 12 tribes of Israel.

Nicolas Mouawad (standing) portrays Abraham in a scene from the 2023 movie "His Only Son."
Nicolas Mouawad (standing) portrays Abraham in a scene from the 2023 movie "His Only Son." Image: Angel Studios.

His Only Son was a surprise hit at the box office when it released in the spring of 2023, ultimately drumming up North American ticket revenue of more than $12 million on a production budget of just $250,000. The Biblical drama about Abraham's near sacrifice of his son Isaac, as described in the Old Testament book of Genesis, got a big assist from distributor Angel Studios, which provided an additional $1.2 million to market the film.

That money was raised through a crowdfunding campaign and Angel Studios is planning another such effort for Jacob, only this time on the front end in order to produce it. David Helling will again write and direct, and he intends to focus not just on Jacob, but on Leah, his often-overlooked wife. The committed Christian and former American Marine tells The Christian Post that Rachel - Jacob's favorite wife - will feature in the story as well, but that her older sister's story will be more prominent.

"Jacob's life has always really been portrayed with a focus on this love story between Jacob and Rachel. That's not what Scripture points to at all. Leah is the wife that he was given, and Leah is the line of the Messiah. Leah is the one whom he was asked to be buried next to."

While there are to be some storytelling liberties taken, the film will stay true to the Bible's narrative, with Helling stating that though "Scripture is already alive," he hopes to help audiences see it anew, prompting them to search deeper.

"...I want to bring it before people's eyes so that, by God's grace, they'll be drawn to the Word for themselves and want to dig in for themselves."

The director adds that his ultimate aim is to use these Biblical dramas to "proclaim the Gospel" and point people to Christ. If you would like to find out more about Jacob, including how you can take part in the crowdfunding campaign, you can do so via this link to the website of Angel Studios.


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