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"His Only Son" Hangs on to a Spot in the Top-15 at the Box Office

The Biblical movie about Abraham and Isaac manages the feat despite a massive drop in its theater count.

Edaan Moskowitz plays Isaac in a scene from "His Only Son."
Edaan Moskowitz plays Isaac in a scene from "His Only Son." Image: Angel Studios.

Weekend number three in release witnessed a big step back for His Only Son, as it brought in just $547,000, according to Box Office Mojo, down from $2.8 million the previous weekend. The steep drop in ticket revenue is largely due to a major reduction in the number of theaters showing the faith-based film: 1,037 this weekend versus 1,930 one week ago.

The inaugural feature from Christian writer/director David Helling still managed to finish in 12th place and has had a fantastic run through 17 days in theaters, bringing in more than $12 million on a production budget of just $250,000. A major infusion of marketing money from distributor Angel Studios - $1.2 million raised in a crowdfunding campaign - certainly helped, as have strong performances from principal cast members Nicolas Mouawad, who plays Abraham, and Edaan Moskowitz in the role of Isaac.


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