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A Christmas Song from Matthew West will be Featured on Great American Family

The Christian music star is teaming up with the channel, which picked his tune "Come Home for Christmas" as its Yuletide anthem for the holidays.

Matthew West is decked out in costume for a social media post to promote his "Come Home for Christmas" tour.
Matthew West is decked out in costume for a social media post to promote his "Come Home for Christmas" tour this December. Image: Matthew West/Instagram.

One of the headliners of contemporary Christian music, Matthew West will get exposure beyond his traditional faith-based audience this Christmas season thanks to Great American Family channel. The network, which is a rival to Hallmark Channel, has selected his Come Home for Christmas as the theme song this year for its Great American Christmas holiday programming.

The tune, which includes lyrics like, "Come home to a savior," and "How long has it been since you and your heart talked to Jesus," is very much focused on the birth of the Christ and is the title for West's Christmas tour in December. In a social media post this week, he said he is "honored that Come Home for Christmas" was chosen by Great American Family, which was set up last year by former Hallmark Channel CEO Bill Abbott.

As Christian Film Blog has previously reported, Abbott brought over several stars from his old network, including Candace Cameron Bure, a committed Believer who has stated she intends to make "faith-filled content" on the channel. She, in turn, is the one who reached out to West, according to the aforementioned social media missive, to help get his song on the new network.

The singer, who calls Bure his "dear friend," said she contacted him a few months ago and things took off from there. As to Come Home for Christmas, he describes it as more than a song.

"'s an invitation for every heart to return to the wonder, the peace, the love and the hope that this holiday season offers...(and) will serve as a musical reminder of what Christmas is all about."

Bure, who also stars in one of Great American Family's 18 new holiday movies - A Christmas...Present, airing on November 27th - responded to West's posts with a comment, saying the song gives her "chills," and adding that his "music is so inspiring and heartfelt. (It) Always bringing the heart back to Jesus."

Come Home for Christmas will begin playing on Great American Family starting tomorrow, November 3rd, and going to Christmas, plus it is a prelude to "another big surprise," according to West...we'll keep you posted on that. You can check out Great American Family's new Yuletide movie schedule via this link to their website, and find out where West is playing on his holiday concert tour on his site. If you would like to listen to Coming Home for Christmas, you can do so in the video below.


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