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A Big Extension of the Theatrical Run of "The Blind"

The biopic about Phil Robertson is coming to the silver screen this fall.

Amelia Eve and Aron von Andrian appear in a scene from "The Blind."
Amelia Eve and Aron von Andrian appear in a scene from "The Blind." Image: Tread Lively/Fathom Events/screenshot from YouTube.

Tickets have not even gone on sale yet, but the limited release of The Blind has already been extended. Originally listed on the website of Fathom Events - the film's distributor - as a one-day affair, it will now run for eight days when it comes out this September.

The movie is set in the 1960s and stars British actors Aron von Andrian as Phil Robertson, best known as the patriarch of Duck Dynasty which ran on A&E from 2012 - 2017, and Amelia Eve as his wife Kay. It charts Robertson's difficult journey from a violent alcoholic with infidelity problems to a devout Christian, faithful husband and loving father.

Two of the producers of the movie will be quite familiar to fans of the aforementioned realty TV show: Phil's son Willie Robertson and his wife Kori. Shot last year in the family's home state of Louisiana, The Blind was co-written and directed by filmmaker Andrew Hyatt, who previously directed faith-based pictures like Full of Grace (2015) and Paul, Apostle of Christ (2018).

As things now stand, the film will be in theaters from September 28th through October 5th, though strong demand could again extend the theatrical run. Tickets go on sale in mid-June and Christian Film Blog will keep you posted on developments.


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