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Trailer Debuts for Kathie Lee Gifford's New Film

It's a romantic comedy called "Then Came You" and the Christian entertainer co-stars with Craig Ferguson and Elizabeth Hurley.

Kathie Lee Gifford in a scene from "Then Came You." Image: Vertical Entertainment.

Kathie Lee Gifford left her hosting gig on the fourth hour of NBC's Today show about a year and a half ago to focus on making movies and music. She pulls off both with this endeavor, having written the screenplay, played the leading role and co-written the film's score with country music singer/songwriter Brett James.

Gifford's character is an American widow off on a round-the-world tour as she copes with loss and loneliness following the death of her long-time husband, an experience the actress has endured in real life, having lost her husband Frank Gifford in 2015. And it evidently motivated her to make this movie, because in an interview with Today she says she wants the picture to be an inspiration to people in a similar position.

"It's a romantic comedy for people who've just given up that they could ever find love again, much less happiness and joy."

During a stop in Scotland, Gifford's character falls for a local innkeeper played by British comedian Craig Ferguson. Sounds good, right? Alas, said innkeeper also happens to be engaged to Elizabeth Hurley's character. And if the trailer is any guide, Kathie Lee wrote plenty of laughs and hijinks into the script, along with some touching moments as well.

Then Came You, which is not a faith-based story and is rated PG-13, will release in a one-night special engagement via Fathom Events on September 30th; you can find out where it's playing in your area via this link to their website. The movie will then be available on-demand and in the digital format starting October 2nd. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer on Gifford's Instagram page.


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