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The Trailer Releases for the Next Episode of "The Chosen"

This streaming series about the life of Christ will debut the third installment of Season 3 on Christmas Day.

Lead actor Jonathan Roumie appears in a scene from episode three of Season 3.
Lead actor Jonathan Roumie appears in a scene from episode three of Season 3. Image: "The Chosen"/Instagram.

Episodes one and two of Season 3 of The Chosen released in theaters nearly a month before the first of them streamed two Sundays ago, meaning episode three is the first that will not have been seen before it hits the show's streaming platforms. That will happen this coming Sunday.

Digital poster for episode three - "Physician Heal Yourself" - of Season 3 of "The Chosen"
Image: "The Chosen"/Instagram.

Entitled Physician Heal Yourself, this episode focuses on Jesus' return to Nazareth after he launched his public ministry and word of his miraculous power had begun to spread. The story is recorded in Luke 4:14 - 30 and begins with Jesus' speaking in the local synagogue on the Sabbath and ends with him escaping an angry crowd of townsmen trying to throw him off a cliff. He, of course, also speaks the words of the episode's title during his appearance in said synagogue.

The Chosen, which features Christian actor Jonathan Roumie in the role of Jesus, has garnered more than 413 million views so far and continues to broaden its already global audience. Show creator/director Dallas Jenkins took to social media yesterday to promote this latest episode, expressing great confidence that fans will really enjoy it.

"Trust me, this one is going to be on the Mt. Rushmore of Chosen episodes."

Episode three will release in a livestream this Sunday, Christmas Day, at 7:00 PM ET (GMT -5) and you can watch it for free on the program's YouTube channel or the app, which you can download from the App Store or Google Play. Until then, the trailer below will whet your appetite.


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