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The Kendrick Brothers' Next Film with Kirk Cameron Sounds Almost Like an Action Picture

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

It is a faith-based drama that tells a true story, but will evidently feature plenty of stunts as well.

Kirk Cameron (left) and Alex Kendrick during a break in filming of the Kendricks' new movie. Image: Alex Kendrick/Instagram.

The filmmaking brother duo of Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick is in the midst of production of an as-yet unnamed new movie. We reported last week that there are not a lot of details out aside from the fact that they are reuniting for this one with Kirk Cameron, who played the lead role in their first big hit, Fireproof, back in 2008.

Most of what is known comes courtesy of social media posts from Alex, who it seems will both direct the movie and play an on-screen role. He is clearly enjoying the reunion with Cameron, though, saying in his latest Instagram missive, "It's a blast to be shooting a feature with Kirk Cameron again," and adding that there's "more action in this movie than the last one we did."

Cast and crew pray together before filming a recent skydiving scene. Image: Alex Kendrick/Instagram.

What kind of action exactly? How about ATV racing, skydiving, wrestling, cliff jumping and - gulp! - knife throwing, to name but a few. Kendrick also revealed that the plot plays out over the course of 20 years, which explains Cameron's graying hair in the picture above.

In the aforementioned social media message, Alex says that in addition to action, the picture also features "humor, and heart," both of which are staples of the Kendrick Brothers' films. That post has a video clip with Kendrick and Cameron that we think you'll find amusing, as the latter plays up fact that his character ages two decades throughout the movie. You can watch it via this link to Kendrick's Instagram page.


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