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"The Chosen" Set to Wrap Production of Season 4

The hit show about the life of Christ will host a livestream update this weekend to mark the occasion.

Lead actor Jonathan Roumie, right, appears in a scene from Season 4 of "The Chosen."
Lead actor Jonathan Roumie, right, appears in a scene from Season 4 of the show. Image: "The Chosen"/from Instagram.

Months of hard work on set - in both Texas and Utah - will come to a close this week, as cast and crew put the finishing touches on production of Season 4 of The Chosen. Planned to ultimately run seven seasons, the streaming series has thus crossed the midway point.

Creator/director Dallas Jenkins stated in a social media post that he looks forward to "being done." The committed Christian then ticked off an exhausting litany of what he and his team have been through thus far: 240 days of shooting over several years with hundreds of cast and crew. He did not mention the specter of the recently dodged actors' strike, or the past bouts of extreme weather during filming - both winter cold and summer heat - or all the criticism that has come his way, among other things.

It is not, however, that Jenkins just wants the show behind him to lighten his burden: he also is aiming to enjoy hoped for achievements.

"I look forward to being done, and being able to say, 'We did seven seasons and we accomplished what we set out to do, and we served God well, and with integrity and authenticity, surrender and humility'...I look forward to hopefully being able to say that."

Jenkins will host that aforementioned livestream via the show's app and its Facebook page and YouTube channel this Sunday, July 30th, at 7:00 PM EDT (GMT -4). He plans to give an update on Season 4, be joined by lead actor Jonathan Roumie for some Q&A, and share a clip of a scene they filmed for one of the coming episodes.


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