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"The Chosen" Releases its Final Installment of Season 4

The last two episodes roll out today in theaters across North America for a limited engagement run.

A digital poster for the third and installment of Season 4 of "The Chosen," starring Jonathan Roumie (center) as Jesus.
A digital poster for the third installment of Season 4 of "The Chosen," starring Jonathan Roumie (center) as Jesus. Image: "The Chosen."

The moment fans of The Chosen have been waiting for is finally here, as episodes seven and eight of Season 4 are now playing on the big screen. This is the third installment of the season, which is the first from the show to be fully released exclusively in theaters.

And the series about the life of Christ, which stars American actor Jonathan Roumie in the role of the Savior, has performed well thus far. The first two installments generated just under $22 million, according to data from The Numbers website; installment one (episodes one through three) brought in $13.1 million and installment two (episodes four through six) netted $8.8 million.

This fourth season marks the midway point of what show creator/director Dallas Jenkins has stated will be seven seasons total. It also brings a turning point in the tenor of the series, because - as a synopsis puts it - "the seeds of (Jesus') betrayal are planted" and "opposition to (His) message turns violent."

If you are interested in watching the Season 4 finale on the big screen, you can purchase tickets to a theater in your area via this link to distributor Fathom Events. The production runs through March 7th, after which all of this season's episodes will, at some as yet unannounced date, become available for free on the show's app.


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