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"The Chosen" Launches Phase 2 of Production for Season 2

The streaming series about the life of Christ aims to release the first new episodes in spring.

Lead actor Jonathan Roumie (center) during shooting in Texas. Image: "The Chosen."

Having shot the bulk of its second season last fall in Utah, The Chosen is now finishing off a few final scenes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas, the state where they shot all eight episodes of the inaugural season.

And what a season that was, thus far garnering almost 75 million views in countries all around the globe. And not only does the streaming series rank as the all-time crowdfunding champion among media projects - raising more than $10 million in contributions for season one - but it has now gone well north of that figure to fund the second season.

Dallas Jenkins directs a scene in Utah in November, 2020. Image: "The Chosen"/Instagram.

Creator/director Dallas Jenkins and his team switched from crowdfunding to a pay-it-forward program this time around, which allowed them to make the show free to viewers and has also generated a whopping $11.5 million as of today; that's about $1.5 million above their initial target! So to say that the Lord has blessed this project would be quite the understatement.

The cast and crew are currently filming mostly outdoor scenes in Texas, including a particularly important one: Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. It's unclear exactly when production will wrap or when the 2nd season will be released, though Jenkins has previously said he hopes to put out the first of the eight episodes around Easter, which falls on April 4th this year.

Christian Film Blog will keep an eye on developments and bring you updates as we get them. And if you haven't yet seen The Chosen, you can find out how to watch via this link to the program's website.


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