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"The Case for Heaven" Coming to Pure Flix

This documentary from best-selling Christian author Lee Strobel will play exclusively on the faith and family-friendly streaming service.

Lee Strobel takes part in production of "The Case for Heaven."
Lee Strobel takes part in production of "The Case for Heaven." Image: K-LOVE Films/Sandoval Studios.

Having released in theaters this past April for a limited three-day engagement, The Case for Heaven now hits Pure Flix next week. From Christian apologist and former journalist Lee Strobel, the film delves into evidence for the afterlife, interviewing leading Believers like pastor Francis Chan, the late evangelist Luis Palau and Strobel himself.

Best-known for the 1998 hit book The Case for Christ, which details his investigation into the divinity of Jesus, Strobel now works at Colorado Christian University, running the Lee Strobel Center for Evangelism and Applied Apologetics. While interest in things heavenly is not unusual for Believers, it is particularly personal for the 70-year-old father and grandfather, according to the documentary: several years ago, he survived a medical emergency in which doctors told him he was "one step away from a coma, and two steps away from death."

The Case for Heaven releases on Pure Flix next Friday, July 15th, and you must subscribe to the faith-based/family-friendly streaming platform to watch. It costs under $6.00 a month and you can sign up via this link to the service's website.


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