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That's a Wrap for "Washington's Armor"

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Production of the Christian miniseries' pilot episode is done, so it's now on to the edit suite.

Micah Lynn Hanson & Willie Mellina in a scene from "Washington's Armor." Image from Tammy Lane Productions.

Washington's Armor tells the story of young George Washington when he was still loyal to the British crown, living in the then-colony of Virginia. And it is in that current state, where there are plenty of well-preserved colonial-era backdrops, that the final stage of shooting of this pilot just concluded. Based on the founding father's own journals, the miniseries will reveal how the Lord's hand was upon the future president.

Leading the way on this project are director Tammy Lane and producer Aaron Burns, both Christians who are accomplished in the faith-based film business. Burns has nearly half a dozen producer credits to his name, including on the Kendrick Brothers' latest film, Overcomer, which hits theaters in August. As to Lane, in addition to her directing work, she is the proprietor of Capernaum Village Studios near Fort Worth, TX, location for the 2nd leg of this production and also home to The Chosen, the first ever multi-season series about Jesus, from director Dallas Jenkins.

In a word, they know the ropes and it's clear to us that they went all out on this first episode. It was shot this year in three stages, over three seasons - winter, spring and summer - and in three locations: New York, Texas and Virginia. The cast is a good one, including Christian actress Ashley Bratcher, Tim Ross, Micah Lynn Hanson and former theater player Willie Mellina in the role of Washington. No word on a budget, but it clearly is not a small one.

Ultimately, this miniseries will consist of six parts. The production schedule is not yet clear, however, and there isn't even any definitive word on when the pilot will be ready. With post-production timelines being what they are, though, we can't imagine it would be edited, color corrected, et cetera, et cetera, before late fall at the absolute earliest.

Christian Film Blog will follow Washington's Armor and keep you abreast of develoments. In the meantime, you can take a look at a preview trailer below.

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Apr 09, 2021

Hello - we are all waiting for Washington's Armor to come out on dvd or to be somewhere where we can watch it - we are very excited for it. Please let us know how we can see this series. Thank you,


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