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Sarah Drew Leaves her Mark on "Indivisible"

The faith-based movie debuts this weekend and the lead actress/executive producer's fingerprints are all over it.

Indivisible tells the true story of US Army chaplain Darren Turner, played by Justin Bruening, and his wife Heather, played by Drew, and their struggle to save their marriage after his deployment to Iraq. Directed by David Evans (The Grace Card), the film features five actors from the hit TV show Grey's Anatomy, including Drew and Bruening.

After nine years as doctor April Kepner on that medical drama, Drew has lots of contacts there. In an interview with Pure Flix, she says she reached out to them in her capacity as executive producer and is glad she did.

" It was really, really fun to get to just bring a whole bunch of my buds on. Then you already have chemistry, camaraderie; you have people that are excited to participate."

Drew feels this picture is relevant to the struggles faced by all married couples, not just those in the military. As a Christian and a wife, she personally relates to her character's experience in one particularly poignant scene.

"Heather is sitting on the bed and she's crying and she offers this prayer...'God help me to lean on you more than I'm leaning on my husband. Help me to look to you for hope and not rest all of that hope on my husband.'"

Indivisible opens in theaters nationwide this Friday, October 26th.


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