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"Running the Bases" Features a Strong Christian Cast

The baseball movie stars Brett Varvel and Cameron Arnett and is set to hit the big screen next week.

Brett Varvel (left) and Cameron Arnett appear together in a scene from "Running the Bases."
Brett Varvel (left) and Cameron Arnett appear together in a scene from "Running the Bases." Image: UP2U Films.

Running the Bases makes the second sports movie this calendar year for Brett Varvel. But unlike the small part he played in American Underdog from the Erwin Brothers (which we wrote about here), this time around he is in the lead role. His character is a Christian baseball coach who gets a new job at a big high school only to meet "extreme opposition to his coaching methods" from his new boss, as the picture's synopsis puts it.

Varvel, whom we know personally since he starred in our faith-based Yuletide film Miracle on Christmas, gets strong support on screen from other Believers, including Cameron Arnett, Todd Terry - as the aforementioned boss - and Gigi Orsillo, just coming off a part in the Christian comedy Family Camp, in the role of his spouse; the movie also features Raphael Ruggero and Justin Sterner, two young actors who play prominent parts in Lifemark, the upcoming feature from Kirk Cameron and the Kendrick Brothers.

Though we have not yet seen Running the Bases, there's lots to like in that cast. The movie releases September 16th and you can get tickets to a theater in your area via this link to its website; the trailer below will give you a better feel for it in the meantime. Also, Christian Film Blog hopes to have an exclusive interview with Brett Varvel up on the site early next week, so be sure to check back in with us.


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