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One Month to "The Islands"

This faith-based film tells the true story of the heroic advent of Christianity in Hawaii.

A scene on Kilauea volcano from the faith-based film "The Islands."

The Islands, which was shot on location in Hawaii and is scheduled to debut nationwide on December 6th, is the latest picture from Tim Chey, a veteran of the faith-based movie genre. It recounts the arrival of the faith in the island chain and stars Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino, John Savage and a host of native Hawaiian and Polynesian actors.

Among them is Teuira Shanti Napa, making her inaugural silver screen appearance. She plays the lead part of tribal chieftain Kapiolani, the first local inhabitant to convert to Christianity after the 1821 arrival of missionaries, who are portrayed by Sorvino and Savage. In an act of tremendous bravery following her conversion, Kapiolani descended into an active volcano to demonstrate the power of her new-found faith, thus clearing the way for the spread of Christianity in the region.

Chey co-wrote and directed this period piece and was drawn to it by the "incredible bold faith and courage" of Kapiolani. Once an athiest himself, Chey says his own transformation after he came to Christ gives him a clearer understanding of her death-defying boldness.

"I understand what made Kapiolani head up that volcano that morning 200 years back. She risked it all and didn’t care. That’s what God can do to you. He can make you risk it all and not care."

That is a bedrock principle of the faith, spelled out in Bible verses like Romans 8:31 - If God is for us, who can be against us. (NIV) - and it remains as true today as it was in Kapiolani's time or when Paul articulated it in Scripture in the 1st century AD.

According to the film's website, it will open in about 140 theaters in 20-plus states; you can find a list of them via this link. Until then, the trailer below will give you a feel for what to expect, including some truly beautiful cinematography.


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