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Great News for DeVon Franklin!

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

The Christian movie producer lands a deal with a TV studio.

DeVon Franklin (right) interacting with fans in 2019. Image: DeVon Franklin/Instagram.

DeVon Franklin is a man of many talents, being a preacher, motivational speaker and best-selling author. But it's in his role as a film producer that we here at Christian Film Blog follow him, and we are pleased to report another success in that capacity: he has inked a contract with CBS Television Studios.

Franklin, whose producing credits include the faith-based films Breakthrough, The Star and Miracles from Heaven, already has a so-called first-look deal with Paramount Pictures and another arrangement with Netflix for movies. Now he is broadening his portfolio to include the small screen, according to Deadline, the publication that broke this story.

The Christian producer confirmed the news on social media, posting that he is, "excited to create opportunities for people of faith and people of color!" Franklin also acknowledges that this announcement is only the beginning and he will need the support of the Body of Christ in his new endeavor.

"So now the real work begins, so please keep your prayers going up (I need them!) and I commit to doing my best to bring you the best shows I possibly can!"

Turning to the Lord is the certainly the wisest first step in any journey like this, and Christian Film Blog will absolute be lifting up in prayer our brother in Christ, DeVon Franklin. And we will let you know about his projects under this new deal once they are announced.


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