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Get Ready for a Miracle on "The Chosen"

The next episode of Season 3 releases this weekend and promises to pay off at least one storyline from last week's installment in a big way.

The Apostles gather in a scene from episode five of Season 3.
The Apostles gather together in a scene from Season 3. Image: "The Chosen"/YouTube screenshot.

Episode five of The Chosen rolls out this Sunday and should tie up loose ends, seeing as how it is part II of last week's episode. Both entitled Clean, they largely track the Apostles' first mission - during which they were sent out by Jesus to heal the sick, drive out demons and spread the Gospel - and its aftermath.

A digital poster for episode five of Season 3.
A digital poster for episode five of Season 3. Image: "The Chosen"/Instagram.

One storyline that should end in a miraculous healing this weekend - using the digital poster for the episode as our guide - is the one involving the woman who suffered from years of bleeding and, as Mark 5:28 puts it, "...she thought, 'If I just touch His clothes, I will be healed.'" The synagogue ruler Jairus will again be featured, and face devastating news about his sick daughter, and the Apostle Peter and his wife continue to sort out the tension in their marriage.

Naturally, the Jesus character - who is played by Jonathan Roumie - figures prominently in much of the episode, as do the leading disciples, all of whom are still endeavoring to understand their incredible mission from the previous episode. Episode five releases on Sunday, January 8th, at 7:00 PM ET (GMT -5) and you can catch it in all the usual venues: the program's YouTube channel and on the app - App Store / Google Play.

One other point worth mentioning: a post on the show's social media page advises parental discretion for the beginning of the episode, though it does not state why. At any rate, the trailer below will whet your appetite for what is to come in this next installment.

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Kent McAllister
Kent McAllister
16 gen 2023

Why is Pontius Pilate cast as such a young character? History holds that he is age was between 46 and 56 years old when he was in his role that ultimately confronted Jesus.

Mi piace
01 feb 2023
Risposta a

Yes, it does seem a curious choice, but casting decisions are driven by a host of factors - ability, look, availability, rates, etc. - that often trump considerations like historiocity.

Thomas Bonifield, Exec. Editor

"Christian Film Blog"

Mi piace
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