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"Faith, Hope & Love" Finishes its Race

The curtain comes down on the Christian romantic comedy's theatrical run.

Robert Krantz & Peta Murgatroyd prepare for a scene. Image from the film's Instagram page.

Faith, Hope & Love had serious staying power, playing for 14 weeks in 40 U.S. cities. What it did not have, unfortunately, was broad distribution: it never showed in more than 18 theaters simultaneously. And that is a real shame because this film is a good one.

It tells the fictional tale of two emotionally wounded people brought together via a dance contest. The lead characters are played by Peta Murgatroyd - in her big screen debut - and Robert Krantz. The film was his creation and his fingerprints all over it; in addition to being the star, he was the screenwriter, co-director - together with J.J. Englert, producer and the editor. Whew, Krantz was a busy man!

He also put together a strong cast of seasoned Hollywood vets, including Ed Asner, Michael Richards, M. Emmet Walsh and Christian actors Corbin Bernsen, Nancy Stafford and Natasha Bure. The acting is top-notch and, in addition to hitting the romantic mark, the Christian romcom delivers the laughs. As for Murgatroyd, who is a dancer by profession - she was on Dancing with the Stars for seven seasons - can she ever cut a rug!

The budget for this one has never been revealed, but, whatever it is, the box office revenue will come nowhere near covering it. Because of the aforementioned limited distribution, Faith, Hope & Love generated a scant $210,000, according to Box Office Mojo, though there will be more money from DVD sales and streaming deals down the line.

Despite the numbers, Krantz, who is a committed Believer, said in a social media post he considers himself "the luckiest guy in the world." He also thanked everyone who helped make the film happen.

"The greatest joy for me was being lucky enough to meet so many of you. Your smiles, your tears, your laughter, your hugs…it's why I do what I do."

Krantz added that the film will come out for purchase on DVD in September. In the meantime, it is available for one-night screenings in local movie theaters and churches. If you have interest in organizing one, you can make contact via this link.


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