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Faith-Based "Paul's Promise" Brings a Story of Racial Reconciliation to the Silver Screen

This picture takes audiences back to the height of the civil-rights movement in the American South and features a strong Christian cast.

Dean Cain (left) and Ryan O'Quinn appear in a scene from "Paul's Promise."
Dean Cain (left) and Ryan O'Quinn appear in a scene from "Paul's Promise." Image: Damascus Road Productions.

Paul's Promise becomes the latest in a good run of Christian films to hit theaters when it debuts tonight, following on the heels of Lifemark, Running the Bases, and Superspreader, to name but a few from the past couple of months. This picture is set in 1960s Arkansas and based on a true story about a firefighter-turned-pastor who put racial bigotry behind him and launched one of the first integrated churches in the Southern U.S.

A digital movie poster for "Paul's Promise."
A digital movie poster for "Paul's Promise." Image: Damascus Road Productions.

Ryan O'Quinn plays that lead character, Paul Holderfield, a racist white firefighter in North Little Rock who even refused to shake the hand of a black man who was his childhood friend. Eventually convicted over his actions, he promises never to treat another human being that way and goes on to become a pastor, open the aforementioned church, and launch a ministry to feed, clothe and house people in need regardless of their race.

O'Quinn, who also produced this film together with his wife, Heather, through their Damascus Road Productions company, is joined on screen by Christian actors Dean Cain, Nancy Stafford, and Shari Rigby in the role of his character's wife.

Paul's Promise is playing in a limited number of theaters, so it may prove a challenge to find in your area. This link to the movie's website features a complete rundown of the venues, and the trailer below will give you a feel for what to expect.


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