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"No Vacancy," Starring T.C. Stallings and Dean Cain, Hits Theaters Next Week

Set against the backdrop of homelessness and addiction, the faith-based movie portrays a story of redemption and Christian compassion.

T.C. Stallings appears in a scene from "No Vacancy."
T.C. Stallings plays recovering addict Cecil Johnson in a scene from "No Vacancy." Image: Kingstone Studios.

The economic shockwaves of America's so-called Great Recession in 2007 and 2008 roiled the entire nation and frame the story in No Vacancy. The film, which stars prominent Christian actors T.C. Stallings and Dean Cain, focuses on the impact felt in Central Florida, where this picture is set.

A digital movie poster for "No Vacancy," starring T.C. Stallings, Dean Cain and Sean Young.
A digital movie poster for "No Vacancy," starring T.C. Stallings, Dean Cain and Sean Young. Image: Kingstone Studios/Fathom Events.

Based on actual events, the movie follows a jaded local reporter covering a story about a church that is endeavoring to buy a motel to house homeless families hit by the economic dislocation. Hollywood veteran Sean Young - who starred in prominent 1980s movies like Blade Runner, Dune and Wall Street - plays that character, an unbeliever who undergoes a transformation as she befriends a recovering drug addict, Cecil Johnson, portrayed by Stallings.

Dean Cain's character, Cliff Lea, is the pastor of the aforementioned church - First Baptist Church in Leesburg, FL - and he is struggling to raise $600,000 to purchase the property for the shelter. On top of that already steep challenge, he faces opposition from town officials and neighborhood residents concerned about the possible impact of a homeless facility on the surrounding community.

The movie was written and produced by Art Ayris, the executive pastor at First Baptist Church. He drew much of the story from the personal testimony of Cecil Johnson who, before his death from cancer in 2019, had served as a deacon at the church following his recovery from addiction. No Vacancy will be a limited engagement one-day showing on Monday, May 9th. It is being distributed by Fathom Events and you can find a theater in your area via this link to their website.


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