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Cameron Arnett is a Man on the Move

Best known as an actor - and a very busy one - he wears many other hats, so to speak.

Cameron Arnett together with his wife, B.J. Arnett. Image:

It’s likely you’ve seen Cameron Arnett recently in Overcomer, the latest movie out from the Kendrick Brothers. He plays Thomas Hill, a character who speaks truth into the life of the character played by lead actor Alex Kendrick. Arnett says he “had a blast” doing that picture, but it probably seems like a long, long time ago in light of all the other things he’s done since production wrapped.

How many other things? Strap yourself in, ‘cause here we go. He has acted in I Still Believe, Redeemed, Discarded Things, Eleanor’s Bench, The Wager, Treasure Lies and Tulsa, teaches twice a week via Facebook live, constantly does public speaking and is gearing up to launch a website and do a signing/teaching tour for his first book, “A Good Man: A Child’s I coulda, woulda, shoulda Story.” Oh, and he and his production company - CAPS - recently wrapped up negotiations for distribution of Mattie: The Discovery, the first movie he and wife B.J. Arnett produced and directed, and which won “Best Narrative Feature Film” last year at Content 18, a Christian film festival in Texas. Whew, exhausting! Does he ever sleep?

Camy, as he is known to family and friends, tells us of his prolific output, “it’s a total God thing,” adding that “grateful is not big enough” to describe how he feels about everything the Lord has done for him. To that, we say: Praise God from whom all blessings flow! You can find Camy at And Christian Film Blog will share more information about the release of Mattie: The Discovery once it becomes clear.


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