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Brett Varvel Joins the Cast of the Detective Show "Vindication"

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

The "Running the Bases" star is yet another strong Christian actor in this Pure Flix streaming series.

Brett Varve appears in a scene with Marianne Haaland from Season 3 of the streaming series "Vindication."
Brett Varvel appears in a scene with Marianne Haaland from Season 3 of the Pure Flix streaming series. Image: "Vindication"/Instagram.

Right out of the gate we will state clearly that we are big fans of Brett Varvel and know him personally - he starred in our first feature film Miracle on Christmas - so we are absolutely certain he will bring a lot to his new role in the Christian streaming series Vindication. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you much about said role.

The show, which stars other Christian actors like T.C. Stallings, Emma Elle Roberts and Cameron Arnett, focuses on the life and work of a small-town Texas detective played by Todd Terry, another strong Believer. The program just put up some social media posts featuring still pictures from its upcoming Season 3, and one of them shows Brett in a scene.

The Indiana native - who played the lead role in last year's faith-based film Running the Bases - reposted that picture, which you can see at the top of our article, on his own social media page, acknowledging that he will indeed be in the series and that he is "so pumped about this show." He did not, however, reveal much more, other than to say that he feels it was an "incredible honor" to be cast in the series; we even contacted him directly, but in deference to the filmmakers, he would not let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, about his character.

Vindication streams on the Sony-Pictures-owned Pure Flix platform, and though there is as yet no word on when Season 3 will release, social media posts from the show indicate it will be announced "soon." Christian Film Blog will follow developments and keep you up to date. In the meantime, you can take a look at last season's trailer below to get a better feel for the series.


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