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Big Opening Weekend for "Unplanned"

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

The pro-life Christian film debuts in Canada after attempts to block it fail.

Pro-abortion demonstrators protest "Unplanned" outside a movie theater in Canada. Image: the film's Facebook page.

After wrapping up a successful 11-week theatrical run in America last month, Unplanned got off to a good start this weekend in Canada. It opened in 49 theaters in that country and brought in $352,000, according to The Numbers.

That figure puts Unplanned at number 18 at the box office for all North America despite not playing in a single US theater, something that virtually never happens. And with so few venues, the revenue is exceedingly impressive, working out to a per-theater average of more than $7,000; that is significantly better than everything in the Top-10 aside from the number one film, Spider-Man: Far from averaged more than $9,700 per theater.

The filmmakers behind this faith-based picture have to be thrilled with these results, particularly in light of the difficulties they faced getting the movie into Canadian theaters in the first place. The country's two main distributors blocked it in what co-writer/director Chuck Konzelman called "de-facto censorship." Ultimately, as we wrote at the time, an independent distributor stepped in to make it happen because he felt God was leading him to do so. In other words, as Romans 8:31 succinctly puts it, "If God is for us, who can be against us?" (NIV)


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