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A New Book from Kathie Lee Gifford

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

The Christian actress and screenwriter hopes to inspire children to follow their dreams.

Kathie Lee Gifford (center) joins her former colleagues Hoda Kotb (left) and Jenna Bush Hager on the Today show. Image: NBC News/Today.

What a busy year it's been for Kathie Lee Gifford! As we reported here, her first movie as screenwriter and producer - Then Came You - debuted last month...she stars in it as well...and now it's onto a literary endeavor for the former Today show host.

This morning she joined her former colleague Hoda Kotb and Jenna Hager Bush, the woman who replaced her when she stepped down last year, via remote to talk about her new children's book, Hello, Little Dreamer. And the interview was vintage Gifford, blending the charm, wit and humor that made her a fixture on the broadcast for 11 years.

When asked why she wrote it, Gifford deadpanned, "I owed my publisher another children's book," drawing laughs all around. She then quickly got serious and did what we love to see her do, speak to issues of her Christian faith, saying she feels parents often frame the question wrong when they ask their little ones what they want to be when they grow up.

"A better question is, 'What has God already planned for you that you can partner with Him, co-create with your Creator, to make come true?'"

Kathie Lee pointed out that the Bible is replete with stories of dreams and that often our hopes and dreams are implanted in us by God Himself.

"I think that if children start to understand that long before they make their entrance into this world, God already had them on His mind. He was already dreaming with them, already making big plans for them. That encourages a child to look into themselves and say, "What do I love to do? God put that in me."'

Gifford added that her new movie is the realization of dream she long held, pointing out that as a child she wanted to be like Annette Funicello. And as a word of encouragement to other adults who wonder if there's still a chance to achieve their dreams, she threw out this gem: "Check your pulse every day and say, "Lord, what do you have for me today?" Because He's not done with you."

The Today interview is a fun one and you can watch it via this link. If you'd like to get her book, Hello, Little Dreamer, from Christian publisher Thomas Nelson, you can find it at this link to their website.


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