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A High-Drama Trailer Releases for Season 4 of "The Chosen"

The hit show about the life of Christ rolls out in theaters early next year.

A digital poster for Season 4 of "The Chosen," starring Jonathan Roumie (center) in the role of Jesus.
A digital poster for Season 4 of "The Chosen," starring Jonathan Roumie (center) in the role of Jesus. Image: "The Chosen."

The next season of The Chosen hits the silver screen in a bit more than a month, and it promises to be "bittersweet," according to creator/director Dallas Jenkins, as it reaches the midpoint of the story of Jesus' earthly ministry. The show's eight episodes will be split into three parts, which will show in successive installments in February and March.

The trailer for Season 4 is now out and it gives a clear indication as to why the Savior - who is played by American actor Jonathan Roumie - is "weary and heavy-laden," as Jenkins puts it in an accompanying social media post. You can see that yourself as you watch, with the Romans and Jewish religious leaders conspiring against Jesus - including roping Judas into their schemes - and John the Baptist's pending execution.

It is not, however, all doom and gloom, because the trailer also features a scene of Jesus as He miraculously raises Lazarus from the dead. Fans of the show will no doubt be pleased to know that in the aforementioned social media post, Jenkins promises this coming season will top the previous three.

"Season 4 marks the midpoint of the most famous and influential story in human history. It will be painful, and it will be joyous. It will be bittersweet. But by all measures, Season 4 will also be our best."

The first three episodes of Season 4 will play in theaters from February 1st through February 14th, followed by episodes four through six from February 15th through the 28th, with the final two episodes - seven and eight - playing from February 29th through March 7th. In keeping with past performance, they should all become avaible for free online after the theatrical run, and Christian Film Blog will bring you the details once we get them.

In the meantime, you can purchase tickets to a theater in your area via this link to distributor Fathom Events. And do check out that trailer below to get a better feel for what to expect.

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