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"The Chosen" Hits Key Funding Mark

Updated: May 29, 2020

The multi-season series about the life of Christ is now in position to shoot the first half of season two.

Jonathan Roumie (right), as Jesus, teaches a group of children in an episode from season one. Image: "The Chosen."

Since the launch of its inaugural season last year, The Chosen has become a world-wide success, having now been viewed more than 33 million times in countries all across the globe. As we reported recently, show creator and director Dallas Jenkins and his partners need to raise $10 million to produce the full 2nd season, but he says he'd be open to doing the first half - four episodes - as soon as enough money is in place for that.

A screen grab from "The Chosen" app, showing $5 million raised for season two. Image: "The Chosen."

If you're a fan, you'll be glad to learn the show now has just over $5 million in hand, which should be sufficient to launch production, and Jenkins and his fellow writers have already finished the scripts for those first four episodes of season two. Now all they need to do is find a location and then clear all the coronavirus safety protocols that will henceforth become ubiquitous in the world of TV and film production.

Anticipating this financial breakthrough - all of which comes from nearly 280,000 contributors who kicked into the show's pay-it-forward program - Jenkins mentioned a few weeks ago that he hoped to be able to begin production as early as this summer. If that happens, the first half of season two could be released sometime in the fall.

Christian Film Blog will keep you posted on developments as we get them. If you'd like to watch the program in the meantime, you can do so for free via this link to the show's YouTube channel, or by downloading The Chosen app at the Apple App Store or Google Play.

POST SCRIPTUM: After we put up this article, The Chosen reached out to us via social media. In addition to needing to find a new filming location, they must also get their production insurance lined up, which is a standard requirement for every film or TV project. The coronavirus, however, has thrown a monkey-wrench into the works industry-wide on that score, because new liability issues have yet to be fully worked through. So representatives of The Chosen are asking for prayer for those two needs: obtaining production insurance and finding a new location. Please join Christian Film Blog in bringing their requests before the Lord.


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