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"Someone Like You" from Karen Kingsbury Hits Theaters Next Week

This is the first film from the bestselling Christian author herself and it is based on her novel by the same title.

Lead actors Jake Allyn and Sarah Fisher appear in a scene from "Someone Like You."
Lead actors Jake Allyn and Sarah Fisher appear in a scene from "Someone Like You." Image: Karen Kingsbury Productions/Fathom Events.

Other filmmakers have turned a good many of Karen Kingsbury's books into movies and TV series, including A Thousand Tomorrows which came out on Pure Flix last year. Someone Like You, however, is the first film from her Karen Kingsbury Productions.

Starring Jake Allyn and Sarah Fisher, the movie is a "beautiful redemptive love story," as the synopsis states, and it focuses on a young architect - played by Allyn - who loses his best friend - Fisher - only to discover that she has an unknown twin sister. In a social media post, Kingsbury, who executive produced the picture, explained that she had long heard the Lord whispering to her, "Make your own movie, Karen." That whisper became a "shout" in 2022, when her husband, Donald, promised he would help and that "God will provide!"

"Donald kept his promise, and God - without a doubt - provided. In fact, the entire family stepped in once we made the decision that this was the year."

So, why this particular book for her first movie? The 60-year-old mother of six children - three biological and three adopted - explained that it has "heartbreak, betrayal, redemption, and miracles, all set against beautifully cinematic scenes."

"All of this, I figured, would take the film to an unforgettably beautiful movie that people would want to live in again and again."

Someone Like You will release in theaters on April 2nd and run through April 11th, and you can purchase tickets to a theater in your area via this link to Fathom Events. In the meantime, the trailer below will give you a better sense for what to expect.


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